Slums and Service Delivery for the Urban Poor
Conversation active 03 Jan - 30 Jan 2013

Informal settlements or slums are home to an increasing number of the urban poor. The lack of basic services, from sanitation and waste removal to water and electricity, has resulted in untenable conditions. Moderator Judy Baker and three urban poverty experts share innovations in infrastructure, services, public-private partnerships, and programs that also give slum dwellers a voice in planning decisions. Join the conversation in the comments below!

Carbon and Climate Change
Conversation active 29 Nov - 20 Dec 2012

Climate change is one of the major developmental concerns of this century. In the absence of global mitigation efforts, climate change can have significant effects in the global economy — and poorer nations face disproportionate impacts. Join us in discussing how developing countries are using innovations in low-emission development to solve immediate poverty alleviation needs while contributing to long-term sustainability goals.

Large Contracts and Community Oversight
Conversation active 31 Oct - 29 Nov 2012

Extractives contracts for minerals and oil are significant sources of government revenue and can play a major role in development. Moderator Michael Jarvis and three contract transparency experts invite you to discuss innovations that companies, governments, and citizens can use to turn these contracts into tools for building a more prosperous and equitable future. Explore their approaches and join in the conversation about how citzens can get a better deal.

Mapping & Disaster Management
Conversation active 17 Oct - 6 Nov 2012

Disaster management requires an understanding of where people and resources reside. What are the roles for crowdsourced and open data mapping in improving disaster management before, during, and after emergencies? Moderator Niels Holm-Nielsen and three mapping and disaster management innovators invite you to discuss new ways of applying mapping to disaster relief. Explore their approaches here, then join them — along with other innovators, thought-leaders, decision-makers, and experts — to discuss in the comments.